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Think you know Sedum? Check out these large rosette Sedum!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

When you think of Sedum, most people picture the miniature varieties which spread as ground cover with tiny leaves.

Some examples of ground cover Sedum:

Sedum acre
Sedum acre

Sedum dasyphyllum
Sedum dasyphyllum

But did you know there are large-form fleshy Sedum as well? People are often surprised to find out about these plants, which feature large rosettes and look more like Echeveria.

Some examples of large-form Sedum

Sedum confusum:

Sedum confusum grow on long stems with glossy green rosettes which stress to a peachy-orange. They have classic Sedum flowers - small and yellow in little clusters.

It's thought these Sedum have their origin in Mexico. They can withstand freezing temperatures and grow well in the UK climate.

Sedum palmeri:

Also originating from Mexico, palmeri is a gorgeous green with red outer leaves when under stress. Palmeri also grows on long stems and spreads very easily. They are less hardy than confusum and must be protected from frost.

Sedum suaveolens:

Arguably the most beautiful of large form Sedum, suaveolens has lovely thick farina coated leaves and can stress from light blue to pink. It's flowers are very unique and daisy-like.

There is a very similar plant sometimes sold as Sedeveria Blue Lotus which is a hybrid of Sedum suaveolens and Echeveria elegans.

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