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How to get your Echeveria raindrops to grow back its drops

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Echeveria raindrops is a popular rare succulent for its caruncles, which are raised areas on the leaves which store water (often called bumps or warts). When collectors acquire these plants they often lose their bumps due to changes in environment. If this has happened to you it can be fixed if you can give your plants the right environment and growing conditions. Read on for how to rehab your raindrops!

I’ve become known a bit for bump rehab (or caruncles rejuvenation as I like to call it) among my grower friends. Here's an example of a raindrops I've successfully rehabbed:

Echeveria raindrops succulent with bumps
Echeveria raindrops

And here's the same plant 8 months before:

Echeveria raindrops with very few bumps
Echeveria raindrops with inadequate care

Here’s how you bring back the bumps:

- Give the plant more light. There’s a direct correlation with sunlight and water storage. Succulents demand a lot of sunlight in general to look their best.

- Increase time between watering. The bumps are a preparation for times when there is no rain so you need to trigger that instinct.

- When you do water, water less. Again, if the plant thinks there’s less water coming, they will be more likely to store it. I would say when I do water I give these plants about 50% less than my other succulents which I water much more freely.

Give these tips a try and let me know if it works for you!

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